Our commitment to growth and innovation

Yeovil Innovation Centre (YIC) can help you speed up the growth of your start-up and guide your small company to success.

YIC specialises in the facilitation of speeding up the growth of start-up companies and guiding early-stage businesses on the road to commercial success, both in the UK and internationally.

YIC can heavily benefit new ventures, by providing and signposting access to shared and more affordable resources and by providing professional expertise and advice. As our resident, we aim to provide assistance to any business looking for growth and support, and there are those that specialise in providing sector-specific support and expertise, such as technology, digital or work in the aerospace industry. We are set up purely to help both new and up-and-running businesses achieve their goals more quickly, whether this is in the provision of office space, providing access to funding or providing guidance and advice on any business topic when needed.

What can Yeovil Innovation Centre offer new businesses?

Yeovil Innovation Centre offers a mix of office space (a massive asset in itself for a new business, especially as the cost of office space can hugely impact the outputs of any business) plus the business advantage of access to experienced advice, mentorship, funding and the PR value and exposure of being part of the Yeovil Innovation Centre residency programme.

YIC aims to promote our workspace aesthetic, support employee wellbeing and foster a sense of community for all of our residents. At the YIC we have a mix of hot desking zones and offices for start-ups. To support our residents to relax and socialise, we have a number of breakout social areas across the venue including our lounge and central garden. The centre is open to the public for local meetings and events and we encourage visits to use the social spaces too, since a goal of the Innovation Centre is to be part of the local community, not hidden from it.

Space to grow into

Choosing a space is a huge commitment for start-ups and small businesses. If start-ups grow quicker than expected, office spaces that are too small can quite literally cramp your growth. Similarly, nothing is worse for morale or finances than a large empty space waiting to be filled. A benefit of working at Yeovil Innovation Centre, with our modern working space, is our flexibility. We offer a fantastic alternative to long term fixed contracts, since businesses can scale up and down within our work spaces internally, rather than moving offices each time to external venues.